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maryland." closing arguments winding down in the casey anthony murder trial. just how soon before that jury will begin deliberationer. a report suggest shoplift something on the rise but you may be surprised who they say are stealing the goods. we have a list of all areas around the viewing area where the celebrations are and what time they begin and how to get involved. good morning. >> yeah. good morning. i am megan pringle. and everybody has their favorite spots to go whether it's the county or city. but you can share your 4th of july plans and memories with us on the facebook fan page. >> someone goes to the rooftop deck. >> it's right there. it's right there. it's great. >> lynette charles where do you watch the 4th of july celebrations? >> i like to be out on the grass and do picnics. and i saw the atlanta celebration. whim in atlanta i do that in
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buckhead. i haven't done one in maryland so i have to pick a spot. >> you can come over to my rooftop deck. >> i love it. >> you never invited me. >> you too. everybody. >> today it's going to start to fire back up as we go through time but all in all it's dry. owings mills temperatures coming in at 70. looking at deer park elementary, that humidity is up there at 86%. the dew points are in the 60s and going through the rest of today, the hour by hour forecast, well, it's going to heat up. check it out by lunchtime. temperatures around 88 degrees. and then by 4p.m. 92. we will have the humidity and the -- in the forecast once again today. not ruling out scattered to isolated showers. now back to you. 6:32. it's been weeks and weeks of testimony in the casey anthony trial and today it should go to the jury. the prosecution and defense heard all the dramatic testimony and then they made their closing arguments today. the prosecution rebuttals and the judge gives jurors
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instructions. sherrie johnson is here with more on both sides as they put the cards on the table. >> reporter: the final showdown between the defense and prosecution. the last appeal to jurors for casey anthony's guilt or innocence in closing arguments. prosecutors will have the final word with jurors today before they begin deliberation on her -- deliberation on her fate. she is charged with the murder of caylee, prosecutor painted her as a premeditated killer and pathological liar who saw her daughter as expendable. prosecutors say the child was killed because she stood in the way of the free like lifestyle casey craved. the defense lawyers say little caylee drowned accidently and casey's father disposed of the body. the defense suffered a setback when the judge ruled they couldn't bring up allegation he molested his daughter. there was a lot of tension when one point the defense called out prosecution for laughing. the judge gave the prosecution and defense a stiff warning for a violation of court policy.
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>> casey anthony may -- casey anthony may tans lies until they -- maintains lies until they can't be maintained anymore. >> it's a fantasy of forensic. a forensic fantasy. they gave you two weeks of testimony that was completely irrelevant and served one purpose. and that was to paint casey anthony as a slut, as a party girl and as a girl who lies and has absolutely nothing to do with how caylee died. >> reporter: if convicted of first-degree murder, she could be sentenced to death. she also faces manslaughter and child abuse charges each careying a 30-year sentence. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you. police say a motorcylist participating in a protest ride against helmet who laws died. he went over the handle bars and hit his head on the pavement. 55-year-old phillip was driving a 1983 harley when a group of
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bikers protested helmet laws by not wearing helmets e likely would have surviveed if he was wearing a helmet. a hydroplane accident left several people injured in indiana after it missed a bowie. it was part of a regatta and the boat a in the race collided with a rescue boat. four people were pulled from the water and taken to the hospital. some had to be airlifted. the annual race features hydroplanes vying for indiana he governor cup. welcome america. you can catch the capital 4th celebration in d.c. on pbs today. go live if you want as well. but yesterday, the stars got together doing a run through. you can expect to see josh growablein jordin -- growablen -- groban or jordin sparks.
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>> i prntly very tal -- apparently, very talented. >> comedian and actor and now musician. >> and banjo player. >> and he can tell you a good story about -- saturday night live. >> i am sure he has lot of good stories about "saturday night live." stay with us after the break we will see if charley's memory will jog him. our weather goes from one extreme to another. how a rash of dry weather is making conditions great for some of us but other areas you have to rethink your 4th of july plans. and an update this morning on the los alamos wild fire. did weather help crews finally get a handle on the disaster? we will take a look. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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welcome back. now to the record breaking heat across the country and it's not just the heat but authorities are worried about. >> bone dry conditions creating a huge fire threat in some parts of the nation. holiday fireworks have been canceled. authorities are aware of what's happening and say they knew it would happen before the 4th of july. matt gutman is in south florida with more. >> reporter: wild fires like this one still burning near los alamos new mexico. one reason counties across the south from alabama to texas all the way to arizona canceledfireworks display. dangerous tents of 110 scorched the southwest 118 in phoenix
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and temps 100 plus baking california and misspry valley up to -- mississippi valley up to chicago where the misting units were set up n california, they packed the beach -- up in california, they packed the beach. >> we figured we would get away from the heat and come down. >> reporter: and in the nation's capital they cooled off in public pools. >> it feels good. >> reporter: on cystal mountain in washington state -- crystal mountain in washington state, they are celebrating on skis. >> we have seen by kinsy and board -- bikinis and board shorts and tank tops and people are having a great time and i plying sunscreen hopefully. >> reporter: something they expect to have here in south florida but are working on a more traditional celebration. >> the work is hard burks hearing everybody -- but hearing everybody cheer makes it worthwhile. >> even though fireworks shows may have been canceled are monday -- canceled, more than 100 million people will watch a display somewhere tonight. a lot of them in the inner
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harbor. >> yeah. no break for firefighters in new mexico. some residents are a-- >> some residents are allowed to return but the work is over. >> the five finger discount is on the rise. who is stealing and who is not. how to get ready for the competition if you are a eating. speed eater that is. preparations are intense. megan pringle has an inside report about the people from the hot dog eating contest straight ahead when "good morning maryland" returns. @ú?n
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now "good morning maryland." your abc2 news to go. happy 4th of july i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's go to the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> all right. i have the 4th of july forecast. we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms, but they will be scattered in nature. as we go into the 9:00 time frame, temperatures around 81. going throughout the afternoon, maybe a chance of showers and thunderstorms to pop. but all in all, they will be hit or miss. not everybody is going to be
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getting wet. hegd out and about, take the pre-- heading out and about, take the precaution and have your umbrella in case. a community is trying to come to terms with a loss of one of their own after a fatal fire in edgewater. it happened saturday and this morning sherrie johnson has what investigators is telling us. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. i spoke with hospital personnel this morning and 84-year-old roselia nolte is in critical condition. a woman in her 60s who investigators have not identified died in the fie. -- fire it started around 1:30. more than 60 firefighters responded to the two alarm fire in edgewater. crews found heavy smoke coming from the one-story house and it took crews about 30 minutes to put out the fire. once they got inside, nolte suffered life-threatening injuries and the other woman waspronounced dead. neighbors tried to help the women but the flames were too
6:47 am
much for them. >> the woman it was all black and burned and white and it was incredible when she looked like. >> reporter: the neighbor you saw there was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation after he tried to rescue the victims. again, no word on the cause of this fire. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a fire is being investigated at a home in sparrows point. it started around 4:00 yesterday morning on sparrows point road. baltimore county firefighters put it out quickly and no one was hurt. police are searching for suspects in a shooting outside a club in rosedale outside club baltimore around 2:00 saturday morning. officers found a large group of rowdy people along with a man who was shot in the head as well as the neck. he was taken to bayview medical center where he was pronounced dead. five people way rested for disorderly conduct and one of the five was tased during the arrest. an officer was assaulted but only has minor injuries. montgomery county police say a 28-year-old man was
6:48 am
beaten at a family gathering in gaithers bug. police arrest-- gaith yoursburg. police arrested a man -- gaithersburg. police arrested a man. carter was taken to a hospitaler with died. the suspect has been ided as 24- year-old brandon deshell. they got into a fight and deshell hit quarter several times around the head. tense moments outside camp david. a two-seat plane was escorted to the groned by an f--- ground by a f-15 fighter jet after going into the restricted space. the plane was intercepted 6 miles from camp david and escorted to a airstrip in hagerstown. they questioned the pilot and determined the ordeal was an accident. 6:48. a new survey shows employee shoplift something on the rise. experts say that points to good news for the economy.
6:49 am
now according to the national retail federation survey, the spike in stealing suggest the economy is on the upswing. the report shows retailers lost $ 37 billion in 2010 from thefts up more than 3 billion from 2009. analyst say it's likely because retailer employees are more afraid of being caught and fired in a recession. so they are less likely to steal. however, they are willing to take more risks when they have a better chance of finding a newjob. today, it's all about celebrating our nation's independence. festivities are planned all around town. baltimore city baltimore county you name it for the 4th of july. we have the big of the show of course that's happening at inner harbor and abc2 news linda so is scoping out a seat and joins us live. linda. >> reporter: yeah. it's gra great sight especially -- yes, it's a great sight especially from federal hill. grouf live around here -- if you liveed around here long enough you know what goes on.
6:50 am
the fireworks show will light up the sky at 9:30 tonight. but before that, there will be plenty of things to do with you and your family throughout the day. thousands are expected to come down here to celebrate america's 235th birthday. and to make sure everyone stays safe, baltimore police will be out in huge numbers. like last year, the department will get help from other jurisdictionss. they are not saying -- jurisdictions. they are not saying how many cops will be on control but last year more than 300 officers were in uniform. the setup for the fireworks show is underway. they have two barges set up. it's about 1400 shells. the fireworks last for about 18 minutes all searchingry niecesed to music -- synchronized to music and this year there will be a tribute to the national aquarium. now the fireworks, again, will get started at 9:30 tonight. but before then, plenty of entertainment starting at noon. there will be a show for kids at the inner harbor's west
6:51 am
shore park by the visitor's center. and throughout the day live performances at the amphitheater. live at inner harbor, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. just as reminder, monday is your normal trash day for city. don't bother to put it out. the department of public works is on a holiday and won't pick up or recycle your trash or recyclable. drop off centers he will be closed and if you plan to head into the city for the 4th of july who will darks don't worry about bringing quarters. get this, the park meters are not in effect today. so if you are heading out to the beach or for a barbeque, be sure to have a designated driver on hand. but if you can't find one and you are in the city, the city is out to give you another option. titchesy -- tipsy taxi will be out in force to get you home safe from your destination. today they will offer free rides for people in the baltimore city area for a value up to 50 bucks. if you go over 50, you pay the difference. they will be there to pick you up at the restaurants or bars
6:52 am
not from house parties. the program runs until 4 tomorrow morning. and the number is 877-963-taxi. we have a full list on our website of other things to know well if you are looking to save your lawn in the chesapeake bay, cut your grass higher. there's pilot project along with the university of maryland on public attitude and practices towards sustainable lawn care. the study shows mowing at 3 inches prevents weed problems that contributes to a healthyroot system and promotes drought disease and insect resistance. it's important because grass covers more than 6 acres in the state and bay watershed more than any other crop. 6:52. 71 degrees. five things to know before heading out this morning. fire officials battling the los alamos wild fire determined a tree falling on a power line sparked the fire. but 12,000 residents were
6:53 am
allowed to go home on sunday after they had to be evacuated from their homes last week. fire is 19% contained. the murder trial for casey anthony resumes with one last round are oral arguments. these are rebutas to thedefense's closing arguments. defense calls the death an accident. the first fallly will host military heros and families for an inned pecks day -- independence celebration wabash cue and concert and fireworks on the south lawn. staff and families from throughout the administration will also attend the event for the concert and fireworks viewing and the president will deliver remarks. how about spending holiday take on a contest of epic proportion. it doesn't last long but fills you with many calories nathan's annual hot dog eating contest. check it out if you must. it's in new york at connie island and people come in and eat as many hot dogs as they can. it's one of the great 4th of
6:54 am
july tradition. this year they are sell rate it between men and women. and if you have not chosen where you will watch the fiver works, don't fear -- watch the fireworks, don't fear we haveplenty of options. if you want to pick the best one for you and your family, head to and find times and locations and everything 4th of july that you need to know. >> you can watch from the rooftop deck. >> you can come own. now maryland's most powerful doppler ray consider and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> happy 4th of july. we are looking at some showers and thunderstorms possible as we go through the rest of the afternoon. isolated in nature, though. what we are looking at is the fact we have a cold front off towards west. we have some very hot weather pumping in ahead of it. that cold front will stall out as it impose into central virginia -- goes into central virginia and we will have a chance of showers and
6:55 am
thunderstorms to pop up into the afternoon. it locks like most of the action will stay -- looks like most of the action will stay off to the east. heading to the beach, a chance for showers or thunderstorms in the forecast. as we go into tomorrow, things look better. we will dry out more. and then by wednesday, we will have the chance for the showers and thunderstorms to return back to the forecast. but for today, that temperature coming in right around 92 degrees. it will be hot and hazy and we have those eye lathed thunderstorms possible to -- isolated thunderstorms possible to scattered to nature. temperatures around 68 and we will have patchy clouds and isolated showers in the forecast. and then by tomorrow, that temperature coming in right around 90. mostly sunny and it will be drier. and then here's beach forecast for today. we have the chance of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast as you head out to the beach. the temperatures coming in around 90. water temperature not too bad. right around 72 degrees. and then here's your 7-day forecast for you. as we start you out, doesn't look like that much change. we have -- we will have temperatures in the 90s throughout the week. and that's above average.
6:56 am
on hot side once again and as we go into the rest of the week, we have the chance of a shower and thunderstorm and it won't be until the weekend that things improve and we will dry things out a little more. >> all right. now as a reminder, the fireworks in the inner harbor starts tonight about 9:30. >> absolutely. so enjoy your 4th of july celebrations. and as we leave you this morning, we are going to take you to afghanistan where the military there is honoring independence day by raising flags and, of course, with the military band. thanks again for joining us and have a happy and safe 4th of july.
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